ELYSIS – The World’s First Carbon-Free Smelting Technology

On May 10, 2018, Alcoa announced a joint venture with Rio Tinto called ELYSIS to scale up and commercialize a revolutionary smelting technology innovation by Alcoa that emits oxygen and eliminates greenhouse gases. Apple and the governments of Canada and Quebec are investors. Quebec also holds a small equity in the venture. It is the most significant innovation in the aluminum industry in more than a century.

A slide showing that the Conventional Smelting Technology uses a carbon anode, producing CO2. With the more productive, lower costing, and greener Inert Anode Smelting Technology which uses an inert anode, the resulting emission is pure oxygen.

The patent-protected process is currently producing metal at the Alcoa Technical Center, and has been operating at different scales since 2009.

ELYSIS technology package planned for sale in 2024